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The Workhouse Through A Lens - a public photography project, giving visitors to the Workhouse a chance to explore, comment and re-imagine a piece of history.
Re-Imagining The Workhouse
A Public Photography Project
The Project
The Workhouse in the town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, is a museum operated by the National Trust.

This project encourages visitors to contribute their views and ideas through a photographic exploration of the historic building.
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How To Get Involved

The Workhouse museum is a powerful reminder of how the Victorian institution tackled issues of social welfare, education and health care for those most in need.

This project helps to explore how The Workhouse’s story can be brought up to date and lets us reflect on contemporary society.

Visit this museum and you will be encouraged to explore, interpret and take a close look at the building and record your perspectives visually. By sharing your photos you can create individual stories that will stimulate debate.

Photographs from visitors are being displayed at the museum.
Stimulate Debate
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