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Human Camera provides workshops and training courses for individuals and organisations. We undertake social projects that use images - and the image making process - to engage, inspire and promote positive change within communities.
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More About Our Work

Human Camera CIC is a Nottingham, UK based photographic arts organisation.

We run workshops and training courses that explore how images can be used to help people express ideas, explore issues and communicate a story. We teach people how to understand and interpret images, and how to use images as an accessible form of communication.

Our 'Leisure' workshops focus on the use of photography as a creative art, encouraging participants to improve self expression and develop self awareness.

Our professional development courses focus on visual literacy: the ability to think, learn, and express oneself in terms of images. These courses help organisations and their members to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between images and meaning; and therefore identity.

We are a social enterprise, and alongside our other work, we undertake social projects that use images - and the image making process - to engage and inspire positive change within communities and individuals.
Human Camera


Defining Our Aims

At Human Camera we believe that photography and image making can be used to inspire positive change: for individuals, organisations and communities.

Our aim is to galvanize self-expression within communities, therefore encouraging both social and personal positive change.

We want people to understand images. That’s why each of our projects, workshops and developmental training courses focus on Visual Literacy. We give you the skills and knowledge needed to read the pervasive messages that are carried in every photograph and visual image.

Human Camera believes there is more to photography than stunning pictures of amazing places; that the skill of visual communication is not learned through photographing sunsets and rolling hills. Images can be used as an extremely powerful method to communicate information and tell stories. If someone has the ability to read these stories and interpret this information then they gain an increased understanding of the world around them. This is especially true in the digital age we live in.

At Human Camera we teach the complexity of visual literacy in simple, understandable ways through basic photography. We bring self-awareness and communication to the forefront of a photographer’s mind, ensuring they take note of the processes going on either side of the camera as well as inside.

We use photography as a tool to teach people how to see the world through open eyes.

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people to see without a camera" - Dorothea Lange


Our Philosophy

We see the medium of photography as a powerful and liberating tool. The process of engaging with creative practice promotes a deeper insight into self and environment, enhances development across the board, and brings positivity and compassion.

We believe that photography brings people together, and as a result has a unique strength to disseminate knowledge and elicit change; things that all people should have the means and access to do.


Kallina Brailsford

Chief Operations Officer Kallina Brailsford is an accomplished photographer, holding a Masters degree in Photography. She is an established artist and has exhibited her work around Europe.

Kallina has carried out extensive research into the therapeutic qualities of photography; and how it can be used as a tool for personal development, social cohesion, and self expression within individuals and groups.
Kallina Brailsford

Sophie Kashi

Creative Director Sophie Kashi is a contemporary fine art photographer, with a Masters degree in Photography. Her work aims to investigate the concept of therapeutic photographic practice. She has undertaken extensive research to further these ideas.

Sophie is also a trained workshop facilitator.
Sophi Kashi

Gus Miller

Director Gus Miller has a background in engineering and business management, holding a Masters of Engineering degree. Originally a classically trained musician, his interest in the visual arts began with painting, before making the move to photography.

Alongside this, he has established several successful enterprises.
Gus Miller

Sean Macaskill

Director Sean Macaskill provides oversight regarding the social mission and objectives of the company, as well as assisting with primary business development aims.

Sean has worked extensively advising, mentoring and developing small businesses. He is particularly inspired to work with enterprises that have clearly defined, and deliverable, positive social objectives.
Sean Macaskill


What People Say About Us

"I went to the course for the first time with a slight note of scepticism towards photography as a non-commercial activity. But I can say that my opinion has been turned around 180 degrees. The course showed me the amazing world of photography and its endless applications, techniques and forms... The atmosphere was quite casual and social, making everyone look forward to the next session.

The course structure and delivery was great. The workshop showed some techniques which are essential, but perhaps unknown, to amateur photographers. But I would say it could still be appreciated by people more technically proficient in photography, because the focus was not on practical skills but on the process, meaning and creative art of photography.

I would summarise that it was altogether an amazing experience which was informative, educational and mind-broadening, while at the same time it was great fun and a weekly engagement I passionately looked forward to." - Mitko Mitev
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