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Training and guidance in the development of creative concepts for communication, marketing, culture and innovation.
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Identity. Strategy. Creativity.
"The best method for growth, development and well-being is not to prune the leaves; it is to nourish the roots."
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Professional Development
Our professional development workshops have a clear focus, a tangible purpose and identifiable benefits.

Our highly-qualified and experienced trainers utilise modern, well researched and proven strategies in developmental practices.
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Clear Focus

Human Camera's professional development workshops have a clear focus, a tangible purpose and identifiable benefits. They focus on visual literacy: the ability to think, learn, and express oneself in terms of images. These workshops allow exploration and development of self-awareness and expression; thus developing critical, creative thinking. Workshops are designed to help organisations and their members gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between images and meaning; and therefore identity.

An ambition to continually improve, and a capability to change, are imperative qualities within any successful organisation. Through the teaching of visual literacy, Human Camera provides a diverse skill-set that allows for these qualities to be developed and strengthened.

Many organisational professional development activities are narrowly based around a traditional concept of team building. While this can promote general well-being, the courses and activities involved may offer very limited tangible benefits. Often, activities are not structured to allow the application of this knowledge in practice. In short: understanding that a method can be improved does not automatically facilitate the necessary behavioural change.

Human Camera participants experience an engaging and interesting, practical and creative process, which is an incredibly effective method of learning. Visual literacy is an extremely accessible and effective way to provide opportunities for communication, expression, learning and development. This is evidenced by research that supports the idea that people communicate better through visual means, and that they learn and retain information better when it is presented visually.

Our course facilitators are highly trained and experienced. With your input, our courses are specifically customised and adapted to ensure they provide benefits directly relevant to your organisation.

Human Camera also does social good. We are a community interest company, and community interests lie at the heart of our operations. By working with us you are doing good things too.


Identifiable Skill Gains

There is a long list of generalised benefits linked to any well-designed professional development course. For example: building trust, boosting morale, encouraging shared goals and improving productivity. Whilst all these same benefits are applicable to Human Camera workshops, our courses specifically focus on creativity and images with the following purpose:
  • promotion and reinforcement of creative thinking
  • to educate in visual literacy
  • the encouragement of innovation
  • improvement of communication
  • to explore the concept of identity
  • to improve general well-being
  • the enhancement of team cohesion
Furthermore, from these practical learning experiences, participants will take away the following transferable skills:
  • improved creative problem solving
  • better understanding of how to relate images and identity
  • ability to better select visual representations and imagery within reports and presentations
  • increased ability in beginning a dialogue and effectively communicating over difficult issues
  • enhanced adaptability and integration for change


  • Identity and Innovation WorkshopsOpen or Close
    Human Camera provides tailor-made identity and innovation development workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to equip people with the skills and techniques they need to:

    • communicate more effectively
    • develop creative critical thinking
    • understand and implement visual communication strategies

    These goals are achieved by informing and educating organisations and their people in visual literacy: the ability to think, learn, and express oneself in terms of images.

    We use a practical and creative image making process to facilitate the teaching and learning of visual literacy. Through these workshops, exploration of self-awareness and expression are used to develop creative thinking. Participants of these workshops gain deeper understanding of the relationship between images and meaning; and therefore identity.

    This awareness of identity is applicable in every aspect of business operations: from innovative thinking, to the selection of powerful images in reports and presentations, or representations of products and services.
  • Change-Management WorkshopsOpen or Close
    Our change management workshops will provide your organisation with the instruments to better enable your members to coordinate change.

    Using an engaging, practical, and creative workshop, this course ensures participants are better equipped to start a dialogue on difficult issues. This will allow for effective communication when it comes to the difficult task of instigating and implementing change.
  • Social Responsibility ProjectsOpen or Close
    For businesses that want to do more than just donate to charity, and actually provide an engaging contribution to local communities, Human Camera can help to facilitate diverse opportunities to lead or integrate into challenging, creative and innovative sponsored projects and partnerships.

    We operate at an intimate level with local communities; as a result we can interact closely with those communities to develop projects. Projects that will actually mean something and benefit local residents.

    Human Camera can provide the means for businesses seeking to meet their corporate social responsibility commitments in a way that truly matters through tailored sponsored projects in the community.

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