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"Don't Look Back - You're Not Going That Way": A book illustrating the work from this exhibition is now available at Waterstones.
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"Don't look back - You're not going that way" is a publication and exhibition resulting from a recent HumanCamera workshop course in creative photography. The project was part funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund.
The Book:
The book illustrates the thoughts and stories of 25 residents of Nottingham: all unemployed, many experiencing isolation and struggling with issues such as depression, but all finding their voice through their photographs.

Available from Waterstones book shop.

Price £12.99

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Unemployment can leave those who most need their voices to be heard, voiceless. In an effort to help with the isolation and issues attached to unemployment, HumanCamera brought together a group of local people to learn about photography, capture their lives in photographs, and share their heartfelt stories. We also asked them to put words to their images, and share with the world a little piece of who they are, where they’re at, and where they hope to go.

From the consequences of unemployment; to depression and anxiety; to what it’s like living in an unfamiliar country as a refugee, the participants express their stories with their photographs, forming fragments and threads that are then bound together with words,and published in this book.

An image of a child’s plane reminds one person of her childhood in Poland and her desire to be a pilot. Another person tells us about a harrowing journey to flee a corrupt government, while yet another sees herself as the outsider struggling to break through closed doors.

These are often visions of hardship and difficulty, sometimes assuaged by humour; but ultimately they can all be seen as expressions of hope.

Each participant, like every human being, has a story to tell - often deeply personal feelings, issues and journeys - which they have chosen to share in a creative and artistic photographic expression which we hope will connect with others through the exhibition of these visual narratives.
On the outside, looking in. On the inside, looking out. Either way, never quite where you want to be...

This is a collection of truly personal individual stories, told through images and words.

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