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Our Extended Courses are a fascinating and practical way to help you engage with, explore, and enhance your creativity.
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Learn. Develop. Create.
Like all of our workshops, previous experience with a camera is not necessary for our extended programmes. Our distinctive approach does give insight into some principles and practical techniques of photography as an art form, but the ultimate aim is to improve self-awareness and creative expression.
Creative Photography Course

Multiple-Session Workshop

Maximum Group Size: 10

No Experience Required

All Materials Including Cameras Are Provided

See Below for Dates & Locations

Price: £350
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A unique way to explore creative photography.

We teach the essential principles and techniques of photography, such as lighting and composition, but without excessive focus on technical aspects.

Most of the focus during this course will be on learning how your viewfinder can introduce you to the world from a new perspective. You will see how the photograph can help you make sense of your place in the world; and how your relationship with the world and other people can be explored through the art of photography and image making.

What to expect:

During these workshops we explore photography in its original and more primitive forms; experimenting with pinhole cameras to aid understanding of the inner workings of a camera is just one example of this.

The importance of the relationship between the photographer and the subject is highlighted: what takes place on either side of the camera, rather than the mechanical process inside.

The course ends with a public exhibition - in a proper gallery space - of the work produced by all members of the group.

The extended course is suitable for all levels of experience - beginners and enthusiasts alike.
This course is for you if:
  • You would like to be more creative
  • You enjoy exploring new ideas
  • You want to see things from a new perspective
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What You Learn

What You Learn:

  • Understand Lighting, the most basic aspect of photography
  • Learn fundamental technical principles creatively using methods such as Pinhole Cameras
  • Explore artistic composition, and how framing can highlight a subject
  • Gain technical confidence through practical exercises
  • Make sense of the art, science, purpose and possibilities of image making
  • Learn how to explore your subject through unusual ways of seeing
  • Increase visual literacy through discussions about the meaning of images
  • Be creative through Photo-Mosaic and Collage techniques
  • Create narrative through captioning.
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The Tutor

Kallina Brailsford

Course tutor Kallina is an accomplished photographer with a MA Photography degree.

She is an established artist and has exhibited her work around Europe.

Kallina has carried out extensive research into the therapeutic qualities of photography and how it can be used as a tool for personal development, social cohesion, and self expression within individuals and groups.
Kallina Brailsford


Public Exhibition:

We regularly hold public exhibitions displaying the work produced by participants of our photographic workshops and courses. All extended workshop courses are guaranteed a public exhibition upon completion.
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"I went to the course for the first time with a slight note of scepticism [towards photography as a non-commercial activity], but I can say my opinion has been turned around 180 degrees. The course showed me the amazing world of photography and its endless applications, techniques and forms... the atmosphere was quite casual and social, making everyone look forward to the next session.

The course structure and delivery was great. The workshop showed some techniques which are essential but perhaps unknown to amateur photographers, but I would say it could still be appreciated by people more technically proficient in photography because the focus was not on practical skills but on the process, meaning and creative art of photography.

I would summarise that it was altogether an amazing experience which was informative, educational and mind-broadening, while at the same time it was great fun and a weekly engagement I passionately looked forward to." - Mitko Mitev
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